Things to do before your consultation

To help your consultation run as smoothly as possible, we have put together a checklist for our patients.

  • Please complete our new patient form before you arrive. If this is not possible, we ask that you arrive around five minutes before your scheduled consultation to allow time for you to fill it in.
  • Please consider your reason for booking a consultation with Dr Tickle and ensure you bring any relevant notes or documents with you.
  • Come prepared! We know how frustrating it can be when you get home only to realise you have forgotten to ask something during your consultation.
  • We respectfully request that consultations are paid for on the day and we accept cash, cheques and all major credit and debit cards (except Amex)
  • Please visit our FAQs page for further information.

Dr Tickle’s Health Club

Let us help you to spread the cost of your medical care. Paying a small fee monthly will cover all appointments, casework, consultant liaison and referral letters as well as telephone and email contacts and prescriptions. There are significant discounts on health checks and home visits too, and no hassle with invoices. Laboratory fees and injections are not included and will be billed separately.

The health club can be paid for annually or monthly, although the initial payment will be for 6 months of membership.

Membership Monthly fee Annual fee Initial charge
Single Adult £75 £750 £375
Couple £125 £1250 £625
Family * £250 £2500 £1250

*Family membership covers 2 adults and 2 dependent children. Additional children can be added for £50 a month each.

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General Practitioner and Family Doctor

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A proactive approach

Dr Tickle takes a proactive approach to your wellbeing by offering a thorough screening to provide reassurance that you are in good health.

This convenient one-hour appointment, which is covered by your corporate package of benefits, considers all aspects of your health. It includes a comprehensive range of tests that provide early surveillance of heart disease and cancer, so that any issues are caught early. You are encouraged to attend every other year up to your 44th birthday and annually once you turn 45.

The first time you attend, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which gives you the opportunity to mention any health concerns you may have.

Your health examination includes:

  • A full medical history: any illnesses in the past, illnesses in your family and occupational history to consider any health risks from your job.

  • An appropriate physical examination that includes urine testing, ECG, lung function (if indicated), blood testing for full blood count, liver and kidney function, diabetic markers, uric acid, cholesterol and a vitamin D test, which is recommended if you are aged over 45.

  • Dr Tickle can also test your thyroid at an additional cost and of course there may be other tests which you wish to consider.

There is usually no need to fast unless you have concerns about your blood sugar or cholesterol, in which case please do not eat any food in the 8 hours before you attend. Of course you may drink water but no other beverages.

For ladies only

Dr Tickle recommends that you have a smear test every other year. Please book your appointment two weeks into your menstrual cycle. A mammogram can be added at an additional cost; this may not be covered within your package.

For men only

We can provide prostate testing. Please discuss this at your appointment.

Strictly confidential

We will not share your information with anyone – and that includes your employer or human resources department. Like all doctors licensed to practise in the UK, Dr Tickle is bound by the GMC Duties of a Doctor, so everything you discuss with Dr Tickle is confidential and will not be shared without your permission, unless there are concerns for the health of a child or any other vulnerable person as a result of your discussions.

If you are registered with an NHS General Practitioner it is best to keep them informed of any significant changes in your health and medications. Your blood test and blood pressure results will be sent to your NHS doctor, unless Dr Tickle is instructed otherwise. This can be discussed with Dr Tickle at your appointment if it causes you concern.

Your report

Following your examination, you will receive a written report, sent by post or by email depending on your preference. This report will be sent to you alone and will include a précis of your discussion with Dr Tickle and her findings of your examination, including:

An explanation of your blood and other test results Recommendations, action points and next steps to better your health A free telephone follow-up appointment if required (please schedule following the receipt of your report)

One caveat

If it appears from your medical that there are significant concerns for your health which have an impact on your ability to work, or perhaps you are too unwell to be at work at all, we would need to discuss what happens next and how we share that information with your usual doctor and perhaps your employer. Please rest assured that you will always be the first to have that discussion and no confidential information will feed back to your employer, but taking appropriate action in a timely fashion, by advising your employer of any restrictions or adjustments that would be beneficial to your health generally results in a better long term health outcome than soldiering on.

Memorable date

Dr Tickle recommends booking your health screening during your birthday month to ensure it never gets forgotten.